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July 16, 2017

History of Ideasbeams and how we started

Welcome to the history page of Ideasbeams and how we started.


In 2009, Ifeoluwa D. Ojo was 15 when he started his first business named Youngloveth Computer Service in Akure, Ondo state Nigeria. His passion for internet and Technology led him to start his business within his neighbourhood where he configured people’s mobile phones (java, symbians, etc) that are having problem accessing the Internet.

Wednesday 27 February, 2013, he launched his first website for his business where he posts articles on HOW TO’S that solves problems in technology related. Mid-year 2013, He moved to Lagos to pursue his education career to study Computer Science as a course while he continues to grow his business.



While in school, Ifeoluwa thought on how to put all his passion and interest under one company.

Ideasbeams was a simple idea – to build an empire when people find solace, get enlightened, inspired, empowered, and to share what they care most about.

His company name Ideasbeams came into existence 29th April 2017 and he registered the domain name 07th July 2017 and finally registered the company name with CAC Nigeria on 12th October 2018.

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Today we have more than 10 employees, one Headquarter in Lagos and branches offices in Ibadan, Abeokuta and Akure with more than 100,000+ online and offline users. As we continue to grow, we have established a culture of UNITY, RESPECT, SECURITY that helps our community in continue to share values they care most about and at the same time feel safe while doing it.

Running Ideasbeams for years, our team is inspired by our work and one another each day. We believed that you either accept the world the way it is or you work to build a better one. Working together to build a better world in communities, businesses, relationship, we’re determined to transform everything that you care most about in a way you’ve never imagined.

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