October 2, 2017
Why you should become and think like an Entrepreneur
February 5, 2018

How To Make Money From Small Things

how to make money
I’m a hacker! Hey, don’t be afraid, your device is safe. I don’t hack such, I hack life and processes for miracles. I believe so much in turning small things into big things. The organismic feeling that comes from that is worth having.


When a big thing is turned into a bigger thing, it hardly motivates. What gives the real transformation is when you turn little and insignificant things to big deals. I have a gift of spotting opportunities on the go. And at a point, I believe I could do them all. But as I got wiser, I got more comfortable with focusing on the few I have muscles for.

When I was in 100 level in UNIBEN, I was a hungry student but I was rich with ideas. A lot of them I couldn’t do myself, some didn’t excite me and I had no money or knew how to pursue those ones that excited me. This earned me the name, “concept master” from my roommates and close pals in one of my moments of madness, I conceived an idea of starting a small but viable business of distributing moi moi in the school hostels.

I saw that Students who had early morning lectures but got tormented in the night classes always went for their lectures on an empty stomach though they wouldn’t have if they had help. I then knew that if someone can take the business responsibility of providing such easy to eat a baby to hurried students in their hostel rooms, they will buy.  So I packaged the idea, developed the selling strategies to ensure that it can be easily done by a student without a disruption to his academic activities and sold the idea to a boy I knew in the hostel who could do the business and he started it immediately.

This boy will go to their fellowship Secretariat, elicit the support of some brothers and sister and get his moi moi early and ready and student bought loads of it per morning. I achieved two things: I had helped a small dude start earning a regular income and I had the opportunity of always knowing that hot moi moi awaited me for the asking.

be crazy about changing your state


The boy did the business, started getting good money from it but got distracted. He stopped but I knew that he had just lost gold. Because I heard when an Igbo man told his son: “Nna, wherever you see people gather, there is money there, find it.

In my 200 level, a woman started selling the same moi moi, though of lesser quantity and quality of what my apprentice offered but students grabbed it with two hands. The woman scaled and added cooler and even started selling in other hostels. As at the time I graduated from UNIBEN, she and her children were still selling to the extent that when they were on holiday from the university, they came to join here and they sold some more. Who wouldn’t help their mother make more money?

Over the weekend, I had a hangout with some group of awesome men and women and I sold them some of these ideas. If you have been looking for a small business to start, look at the immediate problems around you and bring a solution for them. That’s how money falls on people. Because people are with money waiting for you.

And funny enough, it could be simple and common things and this why a lot of people miss them. With some good market penetration and hijacking strategies, you can land your first customer immediately for as long as you are ready to follow instruction and do try things out.

If you are a student, stay at home mum, fresh/jobless graduate, Ex corper, alternative source of income seeker or someone who is looking for a business to start, just think for hard and long or possibly ask questions and you would be amazed at what you can find and create for yourself.

Stop complaining and feeling helpless, do something. If na Akara reach your hand, fry am with style. With a little sense added, you can open new locations in less than no time and start selling your secret recipes. And who says you can’t even franchise Akara self? Tantiu!


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