The Truth About Recertified Computers

Why buy a ‘new’ computer when you can get the same recertified computer at up to 80% savings and there is no difference in the quality or warranty? Statistics show that people who have already bought a factory recertified computer will never buy ‘new’ computer again! Manufacturers are so sure about their recertified computer equipment that they offer 3 months warranties.

Exactly what is considered factory recertified computer equipment?

A lot of things can be labeled factory recertified. So frivolous are some that it’s silly enough to make you laugh! Consumer laws prevent manufacturers from selling anything considered factory recertified as new, so the second consumer gets the best deal and it’s just like a new computer!

For example, most major retail stores offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on their computer equipment and some consumers take advantage of this. So when the new computer is returned, the manufacturer inspects the product and repackages it like new. But it can’t be sold as new now so you get a great price with the original warranty, now it’s considered a recertified computer. Other reasons may be the box was damaged in shipment and so it was returned, a slight defect, the defective part is replaced by the manufacturer, tested and then repackaged just like new. Maybe a minor cosmetic blemish on the casing that was corrected. Demonstration units are also considered factory recertified computers. They are also inspected, tested and repackaged. The box was simply opened or brand new items that have been overstocked are also labeled factory recertified.

It’s hard to tell the history of each and every recertified computer item but whatever the reason for the recertified label you can be sure that the computer equipment has been inspected and serviced by the manufacturer then tested and repackaged to meet original product specifications, just like a new computer. And like I said before, all computer equipment merchandise is warranted by the original manufacturer unless otherwise specified.


Why buy a recertified computer?

Well, to save MONEY! Why not get the best value while getting the exact same computer equipment? Also, you get the original manufacturer’s warranty and get a much, much lower price on your new computer.

Now with recertified computer equipment, you can afford that item which has been just out of your reach because it cost too much. And you will get the same performance! Actually recertified items have a much lower defect rate than new ones. Only one in ten units that come back for repair is usually a factory recertified! That is because they are closely tested before they are sold. The only difference you may notice is a little label on the outside of the box or simply a brown box. So think hard before your purchase, are you shopping smart?


Choose a Recertified Computer to Save Money Without Compromising Quality

Buying a recertified computer can be a great way to get a top of the line computer for a whole lot less than its brand new counterpart. If you are in need of a laptop or desktop computer, purchasing a recertified model might be an option to consider especially if you want to save money.

Recertified computers are not the same as used computers. Many models are computers that have been returned to the manufacturer or retailer for various reasons and probably have only been used for 30 days or less. Once a computer is returned, it is closely inspected and any defective parts are replaced. It is thoroughly tested to make sure it operates correctly. Since testing preformed is often stricter on recertified computers, you may actually get a better computer than a new one.

Since these products cannot be sold as new, the price is always less than new. The savings vary but most are substantially less than a corresponding new model. If you are looking for the latest technology but can’t afford it, a recertified computer is great option. Although you don’t have the option of picking exactly what you want, you can probably find one that meets your needs. Search manufacturer’s websites and look for their deals on recertified products. You will be surprised at what you can get for your money. The latest processors, hard drives and accessories are often included.

Most honest retailers and manufacturers have a return policy and warranty on their recertified products. If you buy a computer and you are not happy with its performance you can return it without worry. Check the policies before you purchase one though to make sure aware of what to do in case you have a problem. Retailers and manufacturers want you to be pleased with your purchase so contact them immediately if you have difficulty with any aspect of your recertified computer.

Buying a recertified computer makes a lot of sense if you want the latest technology for the best price and the least amount of worry. No computer purchase is guaranteed but the option of buying a recertified computer is an alternative to think about. Most major manufacturers have dozens to sell so do some homework before you spend on an equivalent new computer.


The Truth About Recertified Computers

The recession has affected everyone and people are looking for creative ways of saving money and eke out a living. Among the most efficient way of doing this is to consider buying a recertified computer.

Recertified equipment refers to any electronic product which, because of some reason, is returned to the manufacturer. The manufacturer then checks for any faults in the product then fixes these faults, if any. The product then undergoes inspection and is cleared once proven to be in good condition. Then it is repackaged as though it was new. However, as our laws prohibit selling these products as new, their price would now be marked down by as much as 80% of the original cost.

Most recertified products are those that have been returned by a customer within the 30-day money-back guarantee probably because the buyer couldn’t afford to pay for it. Sometimes when the packaging is damaged during shipping or when a delivery is canceled, the products are already considered recertified. Those units being used for demonstration in major stores are also listed as recertified.

Recertified computers are different from repaired computers. Sometimes, a product is returned simply because the customer ordered another model or because there’s something wrong with the packaging. The product has to pass the testing of the manufacturer. Otherwise, it cannot be sold again.

Recertified products are considered smart buys because you get a unit at a totally slashed price. These items have the same condition as a new product, usually even the same warranty, except that they had to undergo repackaging. When looking for an affordable computer, opt for a recertified unit. You will be surprised how many of them are available in the market especially online. Some of these units are marked down as much as 60%.

When looking for recertified computers, figure out what you need. The purpose of the search is to get what you need for a lesser price. Do not sacrifice what you expect because there are a lot of these low-cost computers. You will find the ideal unit that would meet your expectations. Visit as many websites as you can so that you can find a wide variety of choices. Then compare your choices with each other as well as new computers of the same make and model. Make sure the specifications of these computers match.


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